The 'Total Look'

Corradi Australia, as a member of the Corradi Group, represents the passionate and relentless goal of bringing to life your Outdoor Living Spaces by offering Total Look solutions for both residential and commercial customers. It is our mission to provide you with the products and design initiatives that will allow you to embrace the outdoors all year round!

Personalised Solutions

Our custom designed and personalised solutions enable us to work with you to combine the most functional and integrated product selections to enliven your Outdoor Spaces. This Total Look offering will transform any Outdoor Space adding value to your home and creating the ultimate living and entertaining area that will be the envy of all who visit.

Italian Design Supported by Local Customer Service and Support

Corradi Australia signifies the commitment of the Corradi Group to combine Italian designed products products and innovation with the local service and support necessary to deliver the best outdoor solution. This not only ensures swift and effective communication with customers but also provides country specific feedback on your environment and how we can help you get the most out of your home.

Commercial Sector

We have developed product ranges specifically designed for the commercial market. This allows us to offer the technical support and innovation required to service the commercial community whether it be architects, builders or designers.

History, Innovation and Engineered Solutions

Corradi Australia represents 35 years of history, innovation and engineering making us the experts in transforming your Outdoor Living Spaces. The constant research and development by our engineers demonstrates our desire to continually offer new and exciting products that both complement each other and your Living Space. This constant focus on product research and development is what separates the Corradi brand from its competitors and ensures that you can rely on our Outdoor Solutions.

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